Chief Feathers
Icon ChiefFeathers Pose
Official artwork of Chief Feathers from Brawlout.
Species Accipran

The former chief of a band of fighters from rocky Accipra, Chief Feathers has kept the title – as well as a watch over his homeland.

Hearing about an artefact of untold power, Chief Feathers instantly took up the position of Exemplar. With his people driven to near extinction by decades of war, success as Accipra’s Exemplar could finally end Chief Feathers’ watch. With a newfound resolve, Chief Feathers donned his old headdress and set off in search of this artefact.

But underneath his heroic exterior lays a dark secret. Whispers of this artefact have dredged up painful memories for Chief Feathers, of a time where he failed in his role as his tribe’s protector. While he is no spring chicken, the fire burns inside Chief Feathers as he seeks to write the wrongs of his past.

Character description

Chief Feathers has multiple midair jumps and exceptional range to his attacks and has generally harder to punish options than most of the game's cast as well as being a middleweight.



"Beak Rush" - Sprint Attack

"Chief Feathers rushes forward beak first, knocking his opponents skyward."

"Comet Drop" - Down Special

"Chief Feathers slams a flaming rock into the ground, causing a small explosion. When used in air, Chief Feathers drops a flaming rock straight down."

"Searing Stone" - Neutral Special

"Chief Feathers lobs a flaming rock in a low arc. It can be charged up for additional range."

"Featherflame" - Side Special

"Chief Feathers slashes with the tip of his fiery wing"

"Firebird" - Up Special

"Chief Feathers wreaths him self in flame and flies upward."

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