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Official artwork of Juan from Brawlout.
Species Human

Juan Aguacate is a guest character in Brawlout, originating from Guacamelee!

Character Description

Juan is very much a bruiser in Brawlout, a heavyweight character with slow, but powerful attacks. Instead of charge attacks, Juan is able to charge up all of his signature attacks to increase their power.

Character Backstory

From a young age, Juan dreamed of being a luchador. In the beginning of his life, Juan started out as a farmer in Agave Fields. After traveling into town for a festival, he is killed by Calaca. After he puts on a special mask his life is restored and he is turned into a luchador.


Normal Attacks

Punch - Neutral Attack - Throw up to 3 punches in quick succession.

Uppercut - Up Tilt Attack - Juan throws out a meaty uppercut, typically good for comboing into Rooster Uppercut.

Elbow charge - Forward Tilt Attack - Two quick punches capable of launching enemies horizontally. Able to be charged. Olaf's furthest reaching normal attack on the ground.

Downercut - Down Tilt Attack - A two-fisted overhead swing. This attack is the same as down aerial, but the grounded version has more hitstun.

Special Attacks

Olmec's Headbutt - Neutral Special - Juan leans back and delivers a powerful headbutt. This move can be charged.

Pollo Power! - Neutral Jabs > Neutral Special - Juan transforms into a chicken and hits opponents diagonally upwards. This attack is deceptively strong.

Rooster Uppercut - Up Special - Juan leaps into the air with a multi-hitting uppercut. This move can be charged. The grounded version is a great combo starter, the aerial version is a good KO move.

Dashing Derpderp - Front Special - Juan charges forward with a powerful dash punch. This move can be charged.

Grapple - Down Special - Juan grabs the opponent and holds them in a headlock. If you do not input a throw command fast enough, the opponent will escape the headlock.

Throw - Down special throw - From the grapple, Juan has five separate follow ups: neutral special is a piledriver, down special is a suplex, up special boots the opponent into the air, forward special kicks them forward while back special throws them over Juan’s head.


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