King Apu
Icon KingApu Pose
Official artwork of King Apu from Brawlout.
Species Simeeran

King Apu is the fiercest fighter to ever grace the ring. The finest king to ever wear a crown. The greatest dancer to ever bust a move. These words are all written on the giant golden statue of King Apu in front of his palace.

As the tyrannical ruler of Simeera, King Apu was faced with finding an Exemplar who was truly the best monkey for the job. As far as he was concerned, there was only one choice – himself. Besides, a trip around the world would make a welcome change from his hectic schedule of crushing rebellions, torching enemy villages and ruling with an iron fist.

While he prefers not to dirty his hands fighting lesser foes, his nation-hopping adventure may finally provide him with opponents worthy to feel the lash of his whip. At the very least, he’ll get a decent workout in, as he grinds any opposition into the dust. But Apu’s arrogance comes with a very real risk. As he faces bigger and badder opponents, his hubris could be his undoing.

Character description

King Apu's whips offer him exceptional range among the cast, and his side special's ability to grab opponents and bring them to him makes him something to be feared in neutral.


Normal Attacks

? - ???

Special Attacks

? - ???

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