Official artwork of Paco from Brawlout.
Species Frog

Paco is a bipedal frog with four arms and a playable character in Brawlout. He seems to be the primary original character of the game, judging by his prominence in Brawlout's game art and icons.

Description (from official website)

"What he lacks in grace, Paco more than makes up for in heart. A super fan of wrestling and boxing, his unorthodox fighting style somehow earned him the rank of Anuran’s Exemplar. Before his rise to stardom, Paco was a simple painter and the last person to be body slamming people in the ring.

Upon learning of the Exemplar trials, Paco signed up on a whim, knowing full well he wouldn’t make it past the first round. But after donning a magical mask given to him by a mysterious peddler, Paco suddenly sprouted two extra arms. While most would be horrified by these new limbs, Paco was imbued with a new found confidence which saw him leaping head-first into the ring. Fighting like a frog possessed, Paco tore through the competition, taking down opponents in a frenzy of limbs, screaming half-baked signature moves.

While frantically throwing punches may have worked in the Exemplar trials, his inexperience may be his downfall when facing battle-hardened opponents. Heart and raw power can only take a fighter so far."


Normal Attacks

Special Attacks

Neutral Special - Tornado Slam
Side Special - Spine Stretcher
Up Special - Tongue Lash
Down Special - Brain Buster
Jab Special - Bullfrog Charge

Unlockable Skins

  • Silver - Reach Level 10 mastery of Paco, then claim in the rewards menu.
  • Gold - Reach Level 15 mastery of Paco, then claim in the rewards menu.
  • BasicallyIDoWrk - Participate in a specific tournament, then enter the reward code.
  • Mighty Paco - Bonus for preordering the physical version of Brawlout on Nintendo Switch.[1]


  • Paco was the last default character original to Brawlout to lack any variants. He received a variant named Mako in the game's version 1.3 update.[2]


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