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Official artwork of Sephi'ra from Brawlout.
Species Cat

One of the world’s wealthier countries, Feliran was a place where its upper classes wanted for nothing. Life was luxurious, and Sephi’ra liked it that way. Heir to Feliran’s royal family, the last thing she expected was to actually fight.

With constant war eroding confidence in the institution, the Exemplar trials finally gave the royal family a chance to bolster its name. Sephi’ra’s natural ability as a fighter made her perfect for the role, so she was designated as Feliran’s representative – once some money and favors had changed hands. Trained by the finest teachers in all the land, Sephi’ra’s graceful fighting style combines martial arts and the royal family’s trademark control of sand. You’ll get more than sand in your shorts when dueling this cat.

Sephi’ra fighting prowess is something to behold, but years in the palace have made her overestimate her achievements. While she may always land on her feet, new challenges and mysteries will finally shake her confidence and hopefully, give her some well needed perspective.

Character description

Sephi'ra is a bipedal cat.


Normal Attacks

Kick - Neutral Attack - Unleash a flurry of fast kicks. Can be used for an indefinite amount of time.

Rising Kick - Up Tilt Attack - Kick into the air, launching anyone it strikes upwards. A second kick downwards follows the first kick. Able to be charged.

Roundhouse Kick - Forward Tilt Attack - Two powerful kicks in quick succession, the second being capable of launching enemies horizontally. Able to be charged.

Leap Kick - Down Tilt - A powerful kick that covers some ground, capable of launching an opponent horizontally. Able to be charged.

Clap Kick - Up Air Attack - Launch opponents directly upwards with a clapping kick.

Side Kick - Front Air Attack - An average kick.

Push Kick - Back Air Attack - Another average kick which is slightly stronger than a Side Kick.

Dive Kick - Down Air Attack - Kick vertically downwards while advancing, Spiking enemies.

Fly Kick - Dashing Attack - A horizontal kick that can cover a lot of ground.

Special Attacks

Quicksand - Neutral Special - Drop a pool of quicksand that sucks enemies into the center when touched.

Devastating Kicks - Neutral Jabs > Neutral Special - Kick twice with great force while lunging forwards, causing considerable damage to enemies.

Sand Shift - Up Special - Transform into sand, moving upwards and allowing some horizontal movement briefly before materializing and falling.

Flash Kick - Front Special - Perform a Flash Kick that damages enemies on contact. Also produces a sandy projectile.

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