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Species Hedgehog

Volt is a playable character in Brawlout. Vandal is his unlockable variant.


The anxious descendant of a fabled war hero, the burden of greatness sits heavily on Volt’s spines. Volt desired to become his tribe’s chief shaman, to help heal the sick and teach the next generation about the mysteries of magic. However, the role of Exemplar was thrust upon him by his doting father, forcing him to give up his desire for a peaceful life to uphold the honor of his people.

While possessing natural gifts for combat and great magical ability, Volt finds himself as the reluctant representative for Erinus — the weight of expectation heavier than ever. Luckily, his mastery of lighting magic does allow him to keep the fight at range. If it does come to close range combat, his sharp spines and panicked reflexes should fend off most attackers.

For all of his protests, a trip out of his comfort zone may just be what Volt needs. Seeing new lands and confronting his fears may turn him into the hero he is destined to be. Or he could come back a nervous wreck.

Character description

Volt is a bipedal hedgehog that wields electrical magic. His special attacks impart a stackable unique debuff, called "shocked". Shocked opponents take extra knockback for a very short time.


Normal Attacks

? - ???

Special Attacks

? - ???

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